If you’re tired of high gas prices, here’s how to rent an electric (or hybrid) car

Rent an electric car from one of the big rental companies

1) Hertz
2) Enterprise

Prices range between $65 and $120 per day.

New technologies are constantly evolving to make automobiles of the future eco-friendly. As a result, EVs are becoming very popular with car rental companies. Driving an electric vehicle is easier than you might think. They operate a little differently than a combustion vehicle, but you will get used to them quickly. Tesla and Polestar are particularly easy to adapt to. The tricky part is turning them on and shutting them down, so be sure to ask your representative at the rental car company. Finally, embrace your love of technology and the environment with an electric car rental. These modern car rental vehicles boast state-of-the-art technology for a smooth, safe drive like no other. With an electric car, you can have it all. They don’t have emissions. They offer luxurious interiors and the latest entertainment and safety features.

Many cities are moving towards electric points, and charging stations are readily available. As we are witnessing today, not only the cities that are receiving this treatment but smaller towns and suburbs are also attracting attention, allowing more and more people to consider switching to electricity. Furthermore, with mass production projects from large companies such as BMW and Tesla, the automobile market is shifting toward electricity. Most rental car companies only rent out the most recent vehicles on the market, so indulge yourself in an environmentally friendly, technologically advanced car rental.

EVs will make up more than 20 percent of the company’s global fleet. Hertz is also establishing 3,000 chargers in 65 U.S. destinations, including airports (like Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, San Francisco International Airport, and Orlando International Airport) and neighborhood locations, by year’s end—with more coming in 2023. The announcement marks a rise from the ashes for Hertz, which went from a pandemic-induced brush with bankruptcy to a boundary-pushing EV marketing campaign pitched by NFL star Tom Brady (an EV driver himself).

Gas-Free Road Trip: Consider a Tesla Car Rental

It’s not fun trying to find any cars right now. That’s true of rental cars, whether they are “green” or not. My colleague Andrew Kunesh wrote an in-depth article that covers the trend nicely. Many rental companies sold off inventory at the height of the pandemic. Now, the surge in demand is meeting a much lower supply of cars. It’s hard to buy cars, too — though many attributes that issue to the shortage of necessary parts on the assembly line.

There is not an extensive selection of electric cars in Alaska, but a search in Los Angeles found a glut of electric vehicles available. They included a Tesla Model S for $320 a day, a Tesla Model X for $252 a day, and a Toyota Prius Prime for $68 a day.

To feel more confident before jumping into your EV rental, you should watch tutorials from rental car companies or manufacturers. And if you have questions, ask the rental-car people.

Tesla has a network of more than 30,000 Supercharger stations globally. The easiest way to find them is through the car’s Trip Planner, which calculates your route with Superchargers. Unfortunately, the tool shows stall availability at each station; you can’t reserve a charging station in advance.

The Tesla Supercharger can bring your battery up to 200 miles in about 15 minutes. Most stations charge a fee, depending on your electricity usage and plug-in time (some have on-peak and off-peak rates). If you charge your rental at a third-party station, you pay on the spot. With a Tesla station, Hertz charges the credit card associated with your rental.

The 3 Cities With The Most EV Chargers

1) Los Angeles
2) San Diego
3) Atlanta


For more information about which EV vehicles have the longest range check out this article from Electric Fuel Experts.