Winter is the time when people choose to be indoors. However, there are some who want to explore during winter. Here are the top 5 destinations for winter travel that you should consider visiting this season!

1. Budapest, Hungary- Waterfalls are just one of many things that will catch your attention in Budapest during winter. If you are a fan of ice skating, this is also the time when you can visit Budapest’s largest ice rink. When it comes to nightlife, there are still plenty of places for you to go even during winter.

2. San Diego, California- This is one of the most popular American destinations. If you want a mild climate that can perfectly balance sunshine and winter chill, then San Diego is the place to go. While you are in California, visit Balboa Park and Zoo or check out Old Town San Diego for some good food and drinks.

3. Istanbul, Turkey- Istanbul during winter is one of the best destinations to visit. A lot of travellers flock this city because it offers a unique culture and cuisine. If you love nature, this is also the time when you can visit the Princes Islands and Bosphorus.

4. London, England- While many people think that it is winter all year long in London, there are still some things to experience during wintertime such as ice skating in Somerset House and the London Ice Sculpting Festival. Winter in London is also a good time when you can visit famous landmarks such as Harrod’s, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and more!

5. Venice, Italy- This city offers romantic sights all year round but during winter you can experience it even more with Christmas markets and an enchanting snowfall. If you are traveling with your family, go to Disneyland in nearby Paris which is just a short one-hour drive from Venice.

6. Caracas, Venezuela- Adventure seekers should definitely visit Caracas during winter because of its amazing waterfalls and hot springs. You can also go skiing or snowboarding, but make sure to bring your own gear because you may not find it in Caracas. If you want to explore the city on your feet, there are several museums and galleries that will definitely catch your attention while walking around.

7. Washington D.C., United States- If you want to experience snow but do not want to go too far from home, Washington D.C. is the place for you! One of the highlights during wintertime in this city is undoubtedly experiencing a white Christmas, and it happens almost every year.

Winter is the perfect time to travel. If you are looking for a winter getaway, there are plenty of destinations that offer something different than other seasons. From experiencing nature’s beauty in Istanbul or London to taking your family to Disneyland Paris, each place offers its own unique experience during this season. Whether you’re traveling solo or with friends and/or family, listed above are 7 places worth checking out when it comes to winter travel!