A honeymoon is an ideal time to spend some quality time with your better half. You can choose a quiet and secluded location for this purpose with beautiful scenery. There are many places in the world which offer just that, you just need to find them!

Here are 10 places where you can go on your honeymoon:

1) Paris, France

If you are looking for a place that is romantic and has a lot of history attached to it, then Paris is the ideal destination. This city offers you some amazing places like Eiffel Tower and The Louvre which will leave your partner spellbound.
You can also go on a city tour and visit many more places like Arc D’Triumph, Champs Elysees, etc.

2) Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another place which you will find to be beautiful and offer an amazing experience with your love. This tropical island has many wonderful beaches where you can spend some time with your loved one. Being a Hindu religion majority country, the scenic temples are also another interesting place that you must visit.

3) Varkala, Kerala

Varkala is a wonderful beach resort in the state of Kerala. It has some amazing beaches which are not very crowded and have blue waters. The small secluded resorts in the vicinity offer an ideal location for exploring your deeper side in front of your partner. It is also an ideal honeymoon destination for couples who are looking forward to exploring the secluded beaches.

4) Cornwall, UK

This place offers you excellent seclusion and privacy. The quaint villages in this region will take your breath away with their beauty. You can go on long romantic walks by the sea which will leave you both mesmerized.

5) Maldives

The Maldives is a great place to visit for a honeymoon. It offers you some great beaches where you can relax and have a good time together. The scenic islands in the near vicinity will leave you amazed with their beauty and mesmerize you both.

6) Holland

Holland is another place that has many quaint villages. This region offers you some of the most romantic canals which are great places to visit with your love. You can enjoy taking a boat ride or just go on walks near these canals for an amazing experience together.

7) Egypt

Egypt is also an ideal honeymoon destination as it offers a rich cultural heritage. You can go on a romantic boat ride on the Nile River and visit some famous archaeological sites like The Pyramids of Giza, Sphinx, etc.

8) New York City

If you think that only Paris is the city for romance, then you are wrong. New York City also has many charming areas which can offer you an amazing time together. You will find many quaint cafes and little streets which look just perfect for winding down with your partner.

9) Bora Bora

This island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches, and green lush surroundings are sure to enchant you both. This place offers some great resorts with some amazing facilities for a perfect honeymoon experience together.

10) Fiji Islands

These islands are some of the best honeymoon destinations as they offer great seclusion along with the scenic beauty of the beaches. The resorts in these islands have their own private beaches where you can spend some quality time together.

There are many more places that will offer you a perfect honeymoon experience. If romantic getaways, intimate moments and a life full of love is what you desire then these places are perfect for you.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have the best honeymoon ever!